• NAMPO Harvest Day 2016 trumps several records

    Grain SA's 50th NAMPO Harvest Day shattered more than one record amidst tough agricultural conditions

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  • 50th NAMPO Harvest Day in full swing

     Grain SA is impressed with the positive attendance figure recorded during the first two days of the 50th NAMPO Harvest Day, held near Bothaville.

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  • Bread price should not increase following an increase in wheat tariff

    Grain SA said today that the price of bread should have decreased since December 2015 following the lower international prices of wheat.

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  • Wheat import tariff does not lead to a significant increase in the price of white bread

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  • 50th NAMPO Harvest Day

    In celebration of Grain SA’s 50th NAMPO Harvest Day, we invite all people that are part of, or worked at NAMPO to register on the role of honour.

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    It is with great pleasure that we confirm the Grain SA’s Congress dates for 2017 is:

    Wednesday, 8 March & Thursday, 9 March 2017

  • Grain SA Congress

    Presentations of this year's Congress, discussing "Facing new realities, the climate has changed" can be downloaded here

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  • Grain SA Annual Report 2015

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